Traffic and profit opportunities

Traffic and profit opportunies with podcasts and YouTube are many.

We have explored and identified many opportunities and created some of our own – we’ve created programs which are uniquely designed to increase traffic, advertising and other profit opportunities.

It all begins with piracy mitigation on streaming video sites such as YouTube. Takedown Torrent, LLC was created to very accurately discover pirated content, verify potential infringements with human reviews and automatically report them in accordance with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) which provides protection to those hosting the stolen content ONLY if they abide by it’s rules and procedures. Takedown Torrent is a proprietary program available only to our clients. It is cost-effective, fast and accurate. Our success rate is so close to 100% that we, and our clients, consider it perfect.

Once we have your piracy under control we can begin the process of enhancing your website and YouTube Channel in order to maximize them for profitability, branding and overall control of your content.

Among those programs is Comment Spider. Comment Spider is a WordPress plugin. It lives within the dashboard of your WordPress site and is accessed there. Using Comment Spider YouTube comments can be efficiently managed and used to increase viewer/fan engagement, manage problem comments, encourage those commenters whose comments are actually the sort of comments you and your fans enjoy, build commenter communities, inform readers of new features, offers, appearances, etc. All this while unburdening the host by allowing someone else to deal with them while, at the same time, allowing escalation to you, or your producer when it makes sense.

We’ve demonstrated, very successfully, our abilities and that has led to clients partnering with us to take their business to the next level.

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